More faders. More buttons. More pots.


Once you have downloaded the zip file, unzip the file. It contains two separate files. One installer for each system, run and follow the prompts. To ensure smooth setup, please make sure your APC40 mkII is connected to your computer and turned on.

To set the MIDI routing simply set ARC Output to ‘ARC Virtual Out’, and if your player shows the ‘Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual’ port, set the input to ‘APC40 mkII’ and the output to ‘ARC Virtual Out’ (this will change in the final player release).


Once you have installed the ARC player, future updates are supplied as a small, encrypted file that you can copy directly into your “My Documents/ARC” folder on Windows, or the “Documents/ARC” folder on Macintosh. Selecting the new file will automatically update the release on your own system.